Thursday 30 October 2014


At the beginning of the week Grace made pumpkin pie which was amazing might I add, click the link to check out her post on that.
So as she had the pumpkins left over we thought why not do some pumpkin carving as we've both never done it before.

As amateurs we didn't know you needed special carving tools, and just decided on using kitchen knives, which weren't that hard to use aside from the fact that mine was massive and took a little longer to carve the fine details like the nose, which I actually messed up but lucky for me it wasn't noticeable.
I was set on doing something more traditional and went for the scary face while Grace chose to do a minion which turned out super cute its hair was so adorable.

I think we did pretty good for our first pumpkin carving session with out tools, what do you think?


Flesh & Buns has always been a Restaurant I've wanted to try for the longest time now but, I've just never got round to going until now. I've been to Bone Daddies Ramen Bar on several occasions though and I was pleased with every visit (I will definitely do a separate post about Bone Daddies ramen bar) so when I heard they had another chain it was on my list of places to eat.

As you enter you are greeted by a projection which varied between anime and photos of food which made me hungry just looking at it, but as we went on a Thursday night after work and didn't pre book a table it was extremely busy so we had to wait at the bar until one was available so while we waited we ordered a few drinks.
As I had work the following morning I opted for the blended fruit juice, I got the Raspberry e-MULe, Grace got the Sweet Symphony and my other half got an Asahi beer, after we ordered the blended juices, Grace and I sat there and drooled over the frozen margaritas wishing we ordered that instead.
 After getting a table and ordering mains, we decided to get some chips and dips to waist some time until the mains came. The Avocado shiso was amazing but then again I'm a fan of avocado and I can't get enough, the tomato jalapeƱo was pretty good too it wasn't as spicy as i expected but it still had the spicy aroma which I love.

The mains came pretty soon after and we totally forgot about the chips and dips, who could blame us it looked amazing the little bowl of sharing salad was a little mean though if you ask me. I got the Salmon Teriyaki which came with pickled cucumbers and they recommended two buns per person which I got too.

You were suppose to stuff your flesh into the buns and eat it like a little sandwich which was really good, and it tasted equally as good just having the Salmon on it own with the pickled cucumber and the teriyaki sauce.

I was clearly enjoying it a little too much, but to be honest even though the food was really good it wasn't filling, I was still pretty hungry and was thinking about what else I could eat.
All the way through the meal I was thinking about dessert, for some time now I have known that Flesh & Buns do S'mores with green tea chocolate which comes with a mini fire bowl for you to toast your own marshmallow and I've wanted to try it forever so as soon as we were done eating I was ready for dessert, I've never tried a s'more so I was extremely excited.

I was probably the happiest person in there toasting my marshmallow, I've toasted marshmallows before but never made s'mores for some wired reason. The s'mores was pretty darn good it was a sticky mess but i enjoyed every minute of it and wanted more when it was done.

All in all my flesh & buns experience was memorable, mostly because of the S'mores lol, but the food was extremely tasty and flavourful aside from the fact that I was still slightly hungry afterwards. I'd probably revisit for drinks and dessert after having dinner somewhere else just because the S'mores were by far my favourite part of the whole meal.

Thanks for stopping by and of course check out Grace's blog Grace takes photos  

Friday 24 October 2014


Taken in Alhambra, Granada

So I figured as I'm a newcomer to the blogging world I should do 10 random facts about me.
  1. My Name is Angelina and for some reason when people hear the name and straight away they think of Angelina Jolie.
  2. My birthday is 20th June
  3. I'm a certified beautician 
  4. I love baking, which goes hand in hand with my love of food
  5. I LOVE food, and if I'm not eating I'm thinking about what I can eat
  6. I have an irrational obsession with lip balm, I hate dry lips and that could be why I'm so obsessed
  7. I'm scared of almost all bugs (spiders, butterflies, moths) the list is endless they give me the creeps
  8. Breakfast if probably my favourite meal of the day, but I hardly ever get to eat it 
  9. I'm not one for horrors, I even put off watching Pretty Little Liars when it first came out because the first two episodes scared the hell out of me.
  10. Giraffes are my all time favourite animal.  
Until next time xx

Sunday 19 October 2014


Everyone that knows me knows I am a lip balm fanatic and I cant go anywhere without something to put on my lips. Yesterday I was in a rush for work and forgot my lip balm, OH THE HORROR! So on my lunch break instead of thinking about food first as one should, I decided to search Neal's Street for a Space NK to purchase a Nuxe Reve De Miel lip balm and I came across the new Limited Edition packaging which I obviously got instead because it looked that much prettier than the original.

Celebrating 20 years of Reve De Miel lip balm, Nuxe released three different colour lids Hot Pink, Yellow and Green (£9.50) and i opted for the yellow because I'm not a hot pink kind of girl and although I do like a bit of green from time to time it wasn't my sort of green, who knew there could be so many choices purchasing lip balm.

For those who don't know much about Nuxe Reve De Miel, it is an ultra nourishing lip balm for dry and chapped lips. It contains Shea butter, sweet almond oil and honey and has a very pleasant citrus smell to it. Reve De Miel is a very good product to keep in your bag over the winter period when I find my lips are at their worst, it is also great used on your lips just before bed as they leave your lips ever so soft come morning. All in all this product is simply amazing and worth every penny.