Tuesday 15 September 2015


Hey Lovelies I just wanted to inform you that I have changed the platform of my blog from Blogger to Wordpress as well as changing the name from Angelina Rose to Angie Walks.
I felt like my blog was due a revamp and I have wanted to rename it for a while so i figured theres no time better than the present.

This was just incase you guys thought I had neglected my blog and had given, I haven't I was just in the process of updating everything onto the new platform.

my new blog is Angie Walks and if you haven't already please follow me as well as my social media platforms Instagram, Twitter and Bloglovin.

Until next time


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Thursday 4 June 2015


Items marked with * were gifted

It's that time of year again, where everyone is planning their summer getaways. This year I decided not to go anywhere to far I'm staying in the UK but I will be going on a summer break out of London.
Generally when I go away I decant my skincare products, but this year I am well organised and have got miniatures of all my favourites so I am well equipped for travel.
I won't be travelling by plane but all of these products are sized perfectly to take on the plane, but for those of you who will be jetting of to another country I hope this helps with your packing.

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream* - I am absolutely in love with this moisturiser, I use it on a daily basis as an every day moisturiser, also as a mask and as a spot treatment.  It reduces break outs over night, it is amazing on dry and flaky patches of skin and goes on amazingly as a make up base.
It comes in a 30g tube so is ideal to throw in your travel bag and at £1.99 it is extremely reasonable.

Lip Glam* - As I am slightly obsessed with lip balm I had to include one in this post. Lip Glam has been my go to lip balm since the day I got it an I haven't looked back since, it's so moisturising I can put some on in the morning and I wont need to reapply it until way after lunch time.
What makes me love it even more is that its 100% natural and paraben free. Lip Glam is £9.99 and I think it is well worth the cost as it lasts soo long.

Shu Uemura Cleansing oil - These cleansing oil's are great for make up removal but their sizes are not very convenient for travel, but they do 50ml sample bottles that they don't have very often. I managed to get my hands on one and I saved it because I knew I would be going away this year and I as I am unable to take my large bottle this would be perfect.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser - I love double cleansing because I feel like it makes my skin that little bit cleaner after a full day of wearing make up so after I use my cleansing oil I use the hot cloth cleanser as my second cleanse. Liz Earle do really handy Travel/try me kits that I love because they contain everything you need for traveling and they are really reasonably priced.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil Free Toner - I generally have dry skin but during the summer period I get really oily so I use an oil free toner to reduce the amount of oil my skin produces and reduced the shine I tend to get during the day when I do wear make up.

My Burberry - This perfume is perfect for summer is floral and delicate and when its hot I don't want smells that are to overpowering and it comes in such a cute bottle.

Hopefully this post helps when packing for your holidays and of course I hope you have as much fun as I plan of having.

Until next time


Monday 18 May 2015


I am absolutely obsessed with everything Aesop I love how it all smells especially the Resurrection scent I think its the mixture of the Mandarin and rosemary that I am so addicted too.
Some may say that paying this much for hand wash and balm is excessive but I see it this way, we use and abuse out hands on a daily basis so why not treat them. 
Just like everyone says you only get one face so take care of it, well this doesn't just apply to your face or hands you're skin in general is the largest organ of the body so take care of it and keep it well hydrated and moisturised.
If you haven't tried Aesop I recommend you do their stores are minimal but effective and they always smell amazing they also come equipped with sinks, which their sales associates use to show you just how amazing their products are.
I always leave with an extremely long list of products I want to try, and it's also great that they sample, their exfoliator is amazing and so is their body balm.
What do you think of Aesop products and what items are your favourites?

Until next time xx
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Wednesday 6 May 2015


Hi Lovelies It's been a while but i'm back with another Wednesday wishlist, this time I went with Jewellery.
I am really big on statement Jewellery, I love wearing all black and breaking that up with a statement necklace and some rings and as you can probably tell from all the images above i'm a lover of all things silver.

I have had my eye on the Zehra Necklace for some time now, it is a beautiful piece and is so intricately designed down to each coin.

The Aphrodite Necklace isn't something i'd usually go for but I like the shape and I think it would look perfect with again all black or even white. 

The Micheal rodent ring I cant explain how much I want this ring! I keep seeing it on Instagram and I cry inside a little bit and wish I had it. One Day You Will Be Mine!

Every now and then I browse the Shop Dixi Website and wish I own everything in the Ring section its all so pretty, I especially like the Facing darkness ring and the Sacred double facing point ring because midi rings are so cute and my fingers are extremely slim but some how Shop Dixi's midi rings fit me.

What Jewellery are you crushing on at the moment?

Until next time

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Wednesday 22 April 2015


I'm a big fan of houndtooth so when I saw this duster coat on the Boutique of molly website I purchased it instantly. It adds a pop of colour to any outfit and will probably be my go to item to pop in my bag for when it gets a little chilly in the summer evenings. 
I haven't seen a houndtooth duster coat yet and that's why I wanted it, I have only worn it once and already I got compliments on it.
Make sure you check out their website Boutique of Molly and use code: MOLLY for 10% off your first order.  

T-shirt: H&M
Jeans: Topshop
Bag: Zara
Trainers: Nike

Until next time xx

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Wednesday 15 April 2015


Happy Wednesday, I hope you all enjoyed the lovely weather I sure did.
This week was suppose to be a beauty related wishlist, but I think I'm a little overwhelmed with beauty at the minute so I decided to do a Muji wishlist as I love the store so much.
I can actually spend a good hour in Muji stores it's amazing. I love that it's a mini department store and they sell everything from home accessories and furniture to hair and beauty bits and bobs, my personal favourites are probably the Aroma diffusers, the make up organisers and the hair pins, Japanese hair pins are the best and seem to be a lot stronger and made to a higher standard that the standard ones you'd buy in Boots or Superdrugs that doesn't mean they any easier to keep a track of I loose them so easily.

What are your thoughts on Muji, do you love it just as much as I do?

Until next time xx

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Monday 13 April 2015


Location: Borough Market
Jacket: Allsaints
Jeans: Levi's
Boots: Asos
Scarf: Tennerstore
Bag: Zara

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Wednesday 8 April 2015


Happy Wednesday guys, When it comes to online shopping i'll casually browse and see something that I absolutely love, I'll keep the tab open until it sells out and then i'm left kicking myself wishing I ordered it or it sits there crowding my tab bar until pay day and then I purchase one or two items.

Well that's what this wishlist is, a little glimpse into what my tab bar looks like, I am in love with all these items a few more than others like the Zara dress is amazing and i'll probably go into Zara the next time I see one and pick it up, as well as the River island bow back top, its so cute and now that we are actually experiencing some sun in London this would be a nice addition to my ever so monochrome wardrobe.

The Christian Louboutin Chelsea boots have also been an open tab for a few days now, I was browsing the website with no intention of purchasing, it was more of a girl can dream every so often browse and I came across these babies they are beautiful and I know we are vastly approaching Sandal weather but when you find a pair of Chelsea boots you love regardless of the weather you generally purchase them which is what I would of done if these boots weren't priced at £995.
these will definitely remain a wish but they are really nice to look at.

Until next time xx    

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Wednesday 1 April 2015


Hello everyone, I'm back with another wishlist because as we all know you can never have enough beauty products.

I've heard nothing but good things about this leave-in conditioner in the natural hair community and I still haven't been able to find a leave-in that I can say I love enough to re purchase so I want to give this one a try and see what all the hype is about.

Caudalie Make-Up Removing Cleansing Water

There has been a lot of talk about micellar water recently and I really want to try one, I'm really lazy when it comes to cleansing my skin at night so if this helps me remove my make up quicker I will be the happiest person in the world.

I've had my eye on this product for some time now, I think I need a contour kit in my life, doesn't everyone... Even though you can use a variety of products to contour with I think having a specific pallet of contour and highlighting shades as a must for every make-up junkie.

This is a weird fragrance and I think thats why I want it. It works with your pheromones so you have to try it on your body rather than on a card and you can't smell it personally so how do you know it smells good you may ask? well I've smelt it on other people and it smelt amazing, so for this reason only I want to try it and fingers crossed it smells just as good on me as it did on the stranger I smelt it on. 

I have tried a lot of mattifying primers in my day but I gave up after a while, they all claim to do the same thing, keep you matte but none of them actually do so this is the last primer I'll be trying before I call it quits and just stick to using blotting paper to reduce my shine during the day.   

All the Urban Decay Pallettes look amazing so choosing one is hard but I feel like Naked 2 is a Pallette I need in my life because all the shades are nude / brown colours and because it contains a matte black and a gold I feel I could get the most use our of this one as opposed to the other pallettes.

Until next time xx

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Wednesday 25 March 2015


Philip Lim Pashli Large Satchel

These are items I have been loving over the past few weeks. I am actually obsessed with culottes I went into Oasis with Grace and I was telling her I think I could pull them off because I'm quite tall, whereas she thought she wouldn't be able to because they were too long. I think everyone should try on a pair before deciding if they are or aren't for you.
All the items I have chosen are really simple but will look nice now that it's getting warmer, as you can probably tell I'm not a very colourful person and stick to quite neutral colours.

What items have you been loving recently and what are your thoughts on culottes?

Until next time xx

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Monday 23 March 2015


Hi Lovelies happy Monday! I'm uber excited it's officially Spring which means we are that much closer to Summer!!

With that being said I thought I would review this Mac highlighter I just got my hands on, i'm not generally one for highlighting my theory is if you contour, your cheekbones tend to pop and stand out on their own and visa versa (if you highlight, the areas you want to contour end up looking darker) but thats just me. 

So in the past I'd just stick to using a bronzer and that got me through 2014 summer and it worked for me but this year I thought i would switch it up and use a highlighter.

I have heard loads in the blogging world about Mac's msf highlighters namely Global Glow so I thought I would try it.
I went into the Mac store with the intentions of buying that but when I tried it on I didn't quite get the hype to be honest so I put that one down and had a gander at the other shades they had to offer and the one that looked the best on me was the Gold Deposit this shade went so well with my skin tone it literally made me glow and this was just me putting a swatch on my hand so obviously I purchased it.

I am quite yellow toned, so that is obviously why Gold Deposit looked amazing on me as apposed to Global Glow, as the name suggests it is a golden based highlighter whereas Global Glow is silver toned, which doesn't look as good on yellow toned people as it does on others. The day after buying this highlighter I used it to highlight my cheekbones and I used the smallest amount and it looked amazing, I am definitely going to contour and then use it and I'm pretty certain it'll look even better.

I use to be the biggest Mac fan but that's probably because it was the first brand I ever tried leaving school and as far as I knew it was the only brand that provided make-up for all skin shades, but I was clearly wrong and now that I have found a brand that I like I don't generally go to Mac for anything other than Lipstick and the occasional concealer.
With that being said I have to say I probably will start using more Mac products I definitely want to try their eyeshadows and most likely made up my own pallet.

What Mac products are you loving at the moment, have you tried the msf Highlighters, what do you think of them?

Until next time xx

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Wednesday 18 March 2015


I've wanted to do this post for a while now but i've been putting it off, mostly because I do actually spend the majority of my money on my face and this post is going to get me thinking.

Im starting off with skincare because its obviously a major part of the make up routine.

Skin care:
Shu Uemura Cleansing oil - £30.00
Kiehl's Ultra Facial oil free Cleanser - £15.00
Kiehl's Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol Free Toner - £34.00
Kiehl's Ultra Facial moisturiser SPF 30 - £24.50
Lancome Advanced Genifique - £59.00
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate - £36.00

My skincare routine totals to:

Make up:
Illamasqua Satin Primer - £24.00
Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation Shade 320 - £30.00
Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation shade 325 - £30.00
Mac Studio finish concealer - £15.50
Mac Pro Longwear concealer - £17.00
Illamasqua Translucent Loose powder - £24.00
Illamasqua Powder Blush - £21.50
Shu Uemura Painting liner - £20.00
Sephora Colourful pallet - £16.00
Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel - £16.50
Loreal Double Extension Mascara - £11.29
Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder Medium/Dark - £7.99
Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Gold Deposit - £23.00
Illamasqua Lipstick Encounter - £18.50

My make up routine totals to:

Now its all been added up is actually quite a shocking amount and I think I definitely need to re think my spending habits when it comes to make up, I think a spending ban is in order here until I use up all the products I have accumulated.
Lest see how long this lasts shall we...

How much is your face worth and are you just as shocked as I am at the amount I spend on make up on a monthly basis?

Until next time xx  

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Sunday 15 March 2015


I actually love doing these award posts their so much fun, Thanks Grace for the nomination you can take a look at her post here.

Grace's Questions...

1. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
It varies depending on what I'm doing, if I'm getting ready for work it takes me about an hour, but if I'm not in a rush I like to take my time and it can take me an hour an a half to two depending on what I'm doing while I get ready like watching Youtube videos just.

2. What is your go to "pick me up" food?
Ramen noodles make me happy regardless of my mood, I think it's because it's so warm I makes me feel like I'm getting an internal hug and some may say soup does the same but do you get yummy noodles in you soup too? I don't think you do.

3. Wierdest fact about you?
I'm really scared of the thought of being under water, and this is one of the reasons I have never learnt to swim. It's something about the thought of me being in a major body of water that freaks me out so much that even when i'm in a swimming pool I chicken out and won't let go of the edge. Maybe one day I'll get over this but I'm not going to hold my breath.    

4. If you were on "Take Me Out", what would your cheesy pick up line be?

It's definitely got to be Do you live in a corn field, because I'm stalking you. Lol it's so cheesy it makes me cringe but at the same time its still laughable. 

5. Current favourite TV series? 

It's impossible to just name one because I have too many so i'll list the ones that are airing at the moment:
New Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Reign, The big bang theory and Hawaii five-0.

My Nominations are:

My Questions are:

1. Do you have any pets?

2. What one beauty products could you not live without?

3. What is one food you could live on for the rest of your life?

4. What are your favourite blogs at the moment?

5. What songs are you loving right now?

I hope you enjoyed reading a few more facts about me

Until next time xx

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Tuesday 10 March 2015


I've had my eye on the Zoeva brushes for a while now but me being the indecisive person I am couldn't choose between the classic luxe set and the Rose Golden set, It took be about two months of watching youtube reviews and reading blog posts and me thinking over and over about which make up brushes I use on a daily basis and after some carful consideration I decided I was going to get the Rose Golden Luxe set.
The day I wanted to order them I saw it advertised that they were launching a Rose Golden Luxe set volume 2 and as much as I was excited I was devastated because it put me back in the which set do I get predicament and again I was stuck!
So after a little more research and comparing all the different sets on the Zoeva Website I decided I would get the Rose Golden set Vol. 2 and because it didn't come with a powder brush I got that separate.

I ordered it from Love Make up and the set was £56.95 which is an amazing price for the quality of these brushes with free delivery and then the powder brush was an additional £11.50. 
Delivery took roughly 4 days I ordered on a Friday and received them the following Tuesday so if you order early in the week i'm certain you'll receive them before the week is out. That morning when I heard that knock on the door I ran to answer it and I don't run for anything.

The set comes with three face brushes and 5 eye brushes all in an equally beautiful Rose Gold cosmetic bag which I'm slightly afraid to use because I don't want to get it dirty its so pretty. 
So far I have used the Powder brush and one of the eye brushes and I am definitely not disappointed with my choice they are amazing quality and feel so soft as their still new I will need to use all of them and write a review on my experience but as of right now I am extremely happy with these brushes and can't wait to use them properly.

I am so pleased with these I'm pretty sure you can tell, have you tried Zoeva brushes what do you think of them?

Until next time xx 

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