Thursday 4 June 2015


Items marked with * were gifted

It's that time of year again, where everyone is planning their summer getaways. This year I decided not to go anywhere to far I'm staying in the UK but I will be going on a summer break out of London.
Generally when I go away I decant my skincare products, but this year I am well organised and have got miniatures of all my favourites so I am well equipped for travel.
I won't be travelling by plane but all of these products are sized perfectly to take on the plane, but for those of you who will be jetting of to another country I hope this helps with your packing.

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream* - I am absolutely in love with this moisturiser, I use it on a daily basis as an every day moisturiser, also as a mask and as a spot treatment.  It reduces break outs over night, it is amazing on dry and flaky patches of skin and goes on amazingly as a make up base.
It comes in a 30g tube so is ideal to throw in your travel bag and at £1.99 it is extremely reasonable.

Lip Glam* - As I am slightly obsessed with lip balm I had to include one in this post. Lip Glam has been my go to lip balm since the day I got it an I haven't looked back since, it's so moisturising I can put some on in the morning and I wont need to reapply it until way after lunch time.
What makes me love it even more is that its 100% natural and paraben free. Lip Glam is £9.99 and I think it is well worth the cost as it lasts soo long.

Shu Uemura Cleansing oil - These cleansing oil's are great for make up removal but their sizes are not very convenient for travel, but they do 50ml sample bottles that they don't have very often. I managed to get my hands on one and I saved it because I knew I would be going away this year and I as I am unable to take my large bottle this would be perfect.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser - I love double cleansing because I feel like it makes my skin that little bit cleaner after a full day of wearing make up so after I use my cleansing oil I use the hot cloth cleanser as my second cleanse. Liz Earle do really handy Travel/try me kits that I love because they contain everything you need for traveling and they are really reasonably priced.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil Free Toner - I generally have dry skin but during the summer period I get really oily so I use an oil free toner to reduce the amount of oil my skin produces and reduced the shine I tend to get during the day when I do wear make up.

My Burberry - This perfume is perfect for summer is floral and delicate and when its hot I don't want smells that are to overpowering and it comes in such a cute bottle.

Hopefully this post helps when packing for your holidays and of course I hope you have as much fun as I plan of having.

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  1. I need to try Lip Glam!!


  2. There are a lot of products on here that I've never used but they sound great, I'll have to check them out.
    -- / / x