Wednesday 25 March 2015


Philip Lim Pashli Large Satchel

These are items I have been loving over the past few weeks. I am actually obsessed with culottes I went into Oasis with Grace and I was telling her I think I could pull them off because I'm quite tall, whereas she thought she wouldn't be able to because they were too long. I think everyone should try on a pair before deciding if they are or aren't for you.
All the items I have chosen are really simple but will look nice now that it's getting warmer, as you can probably tell I'm not a very colourful person and stick to quite neutral colours.

What items have you been loving recently and what are your thoughts on culottes?

Until next time xx

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Monday 23 March 2015


Hi Lovelies happy Monday! I'm uber excited it's officially Spring which means we are that much closer to Summer!!

With that being said I thought I would review this Mac highlighter I just got my hands on, i'm not generally one for highlighting my theory is if you contour, your cheekbones tend to pop and stand out on their own and visa versa (if you highlight, the areas you want to contour end up looking darker) but thats just me. 

So in the past I'd just stick to using a bronzer and that got me through 2014 summer and it worked for me but this year I thought i would switch it up and use a highlighter.

I have heard loads in the blogging world about Mac's msf highlighters namely Global Glow so I thought I would try it.
I went into the Mac store with the intentions of buying that but when I tried it on I didn't quite get the hype to be honest so I put that one down and had a gander at the other shades they had to offer and the one that looked the best on me was the Gold Deposit this shade went so well with my skin tone it literally made me glow and this was just me putting a swatch on my hand so obviously I purchased it.

I am quite yellow toned, so that is obviously why Gold Deposit looked amazing on me as apposed to Global Glow, as the name suggests it is a golden based highlighter whereas Global Glow is silver toned, which doesn't look as good on yellow toned people as it does on others. The day after buying this highlighter I used it to highlight my cheekbones and I used the smallest amount and it looked amazing, I am definitely going to contour and then use it and I'm pretty certain it'll look even better.

I use to be the biggest Mac fan but that's probably because it was the first brand I ever tried leaving school and as far as I knew it was the only brand that provided make-up for all skin shades, but I was clearly wrong and now that I have found a brand that I like I don't generally go to Mac for anything other than Lipstick and the occasional concealer.
With that being said I have to say I probably will start using more Mac products I definitely want to try their eyeshadows and most likely made up my own pallet.

What Mac products are you loving at the moment, have you tried the msf Highlighters, what do you think of them?

Until next time xx

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Wednesday 18 March 2015


I've wanted to do this post for a while now but i've been putting it off, mostly because I do actually spend the majority of my money on my face and this post is going to get me thinking.

Im starting off with skincare because its obviously a major part of the make up routine.

Skin care:
Shu Uemura Cleansing oil - £30.00
Kiehl's Ultra Facial oil free Cleanser - £15.00
Kiehl's Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol Free Toner - £34.00
Kiehl's Ultra Facial moisturiser SPF 30 - £24.50
Lancome Advanced Genifique - £59.00
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate - £36.00

My skincare routine totals to:

Make up:
Illamasqua Satin Primer - £24.00
Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation Shade 320 - £30.00
Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation shade 325 - £30.00
Mac Studio finish concealer - £15.50
Mac Pro Longwear concealer - £17.00
Illamasqua Translucent Loose powder - £24.00
Illamasqua Powder Blush - £21.50
Shu Uemura Painting liner - £20.00
Sephora Colourful pallet - £16.00
Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel - £16.50
Loreal Double Extension Mascara - £11.29
Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder Medium/Dark - £7.99
Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Gold Deposit - £23.00
Illamasqua Lipstick Encounter - £18.50

My make up routine totals to:

Now its all been added up is actually quite a shocking amount and I think I definitely need to re think my spending habits when it comes to make up, I think a spending ban is in order here until I use up all the products I have accumulated.
Lest see how long this lasts shall we...

How much is your face worth and are you just as shocked as I am at the amount I spend on make up on a monthly basis?

Until next time xx  

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Sunday 15 March 2015


I actually love doing these award posts their so much fun, Thanks Grace for the nomination you can take a look at her post here.

Grace's Questions...

1. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
It varies depending on what I'm doing, if I'm getting ready for work it takes me about an hour, but if I'm not in a rush I like to take my time and it can take me an hour an a half to two depending on what I'm doing while I get ready like watching Youtube videos just.

2. What is your go to "pick me up" food?
Ramen noodles make me happy regardless of my mood, I think it's because it's so warm I makes me feel like I'm getting an internal hug and some may say soup does the same but do you get yummy noodles in you soup too? I don't think you do.

3. Wierdest fact about you?
I'm really scared of the thought of being under water, and this is one of the reasons I have never learnt to swim. It's something about the thought of me being in a major body of water that freaks me out so much that even when i'm in a swimming pool I chicken out and won't let go of the edge. Maybe one day I'll get over this but I'm not going to hold my breath.    

4. If you were on "Take Me Out", what would your cheesy pick up line be?

It's definitely got to be Do you live in a corn field, because I'm stalking you. Lol it's so cheesy it makes me cringe but at the same time its still laughable. 

5. Current favourite TV series? 

It's impossible to just name one because I have too many so i'll list the ones that are airing at the moment:
New Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Reign, The big bang theory and Hawaii five-0.

My Nominations are:

My Questions are:

1. Do you have any pets?

2. What one beauty products could you not live without?

3. What is one food you could live on for the rest of your life?

4. What are your favourite blogs at the moment?

5. What songs are you loving right now?

I hope you enjoyed reading a few more facts about me

Until next time xx

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Tuesday 10 March 2015


I've had my eye on the Zoeva brushes for a while now but me being the indecisive person I am couldn't choose between the classic luxe set and the Rose Golden set, It took be about two months of watching youtube reviews and reading blog posts and me thinking over and over about which make up brushes I use on a daily basis and after some carful consideration I decided I was going to get the Rose Golden Luxe set.
The day I wanted to order them I saw it advertised that they were launching a Rose Golden Luxe set volume 2 and as much as I was excited I was devastated because it put me back in the which set do I get predicament and again I was stuck!
So after a little more research and comparing all the different sets on the Zoeva Website I decided I would get the Rose Golden set Vol. 2 and because it didn't come with a powder brush I got that separate.

I ordered it from Love Make up and the set was £56.95 which is an amazing price for the quality of these brushes with free delivery and then the powder brush was an additional £11.50. 
Delivery took roughly 4 days I ordered on a Friday and received them the following Tuesday so if you order early in the week i'm certain you'll receive them before the week is out. That morning when I heard that knock on the door I ran to answer it and I don't run for anything.

The set comes with three face brushes and 5 eye brushes all in an equally beautiful Rose Gold cosmetic bag which I'm slightly afraid to use because I don't want to get it dirty its so pretty. 
So far I have used the Powder brush and one of the eye brushes and I am definitely not disappointed with my choice they are amazing quality and feel so soft as their still new I will need to use all of them and write a review on my experience but as of right now I am extremely happy with these brushes and can't wait to use them properly.

I am so pleased with these I'm pretty sure you can tell, have you tried Zoeva brushes what do you think of them?

Until next time xx 

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Tuesday 3 March 2015


Hello Lovelies, hope you are all feeling fierce and enjoying all the joys March has to offer like Spring! I actually cant wait for Spring it means we are one step closer to summer.
Anyway regardless of the amount of beauty products and make-up I have there will always be a need (or should I say want) for more, so I have put together 8 items that I want to add to my collection.

1. Zoeva Rose Golden Brushes Vol 2. I have been in love with the original Zoeva Rose golden brush set until about two weeks ago, I was randomly browsing the Zoeva website and saw Rose golden set vol 2 and I needed them they were my new babies and I don't even have them yet, I'm a big fan of Rose gold in general so both sets would be amazing but lets be realistic I'd be happy with Vol 2.

2. Mac Mineralize Skinfinish - Gold Deposit. I have never purchased a Highlighter product, I always seem to reach for the bronzers instead and this Mac highlighter is one I have had my eyes on for a while and I think because of my skin tone a gold toned one will look a lot better than a silver one.  

3. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm. I love Aesop their products are amazing and I have tried the hand balm and it's probably the most moisturising product I have tried and it smells so so good. I generally go into my local Boots and purchase the first hand lotion I set eyes on but they are generally so cheap that they don't last on my hands, so maybe it's time for some High end hand products.

4. Burberry Kisses Lipstick - Oxblood. Every since Burberry launched their beauty range I have wanted to try it but haven't gotten around to yet, on my internet browsing I have come across this Lipstick and I need it the colour is so pretty and I've been loving a bold lip recently and could totally pull it off with this lipstick. That is if I ever got around to using it at all, it looks so pretty I'd probably just stare at it and admire it for a while.

5. KMS Freeshape Quick Blow Dry Spray. My hair takes forever to dry and it is a chore when it comes to straightening it, so any product that'll make it easier and quicker to dry is a product I am more than willing to try. I have heard nothing but good things about KMS Freeshape so I definitely need to try it. 

6. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash. Its only fair that you have a set of hand products I can't get the hand balm with out the hand wash and because I generally just purchase hand wash from a supermarket while doing my grocery shopping why not treat myself and my hands for a change.

7. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I have heard a lot of good things about this sponge and I really want to try it, generally I use a stippling or foundation brush to apply my foundation but if a sponge will make blending easier and quicker it's definitely something I would purchase on a regular basis.

8. Juliette Has A Gun - Not A Perfume. With Perfume i'm a really indecisive person, Just because I like a smell doesn't mean I want to spend money on it, but with not a perfume I fell in love with it the first time I tried it, Its one of those smells that lasts all day and is really subtle and powdery and I love smells like this but for ages I couldn't find one that worked for me until now so this is a must have.

What Products are on your beauty wishlist this month?

Until next time xx
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Sunday 1 March 2015


Thanks Grace from Grace Takes Photos for the nomination you can check out her post here

The Rules
Thank the person who gave you this award, and leave a link to their blog.
Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow regularly
Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.

7 Things about me 
I love shopping for Make-up its so exciting and it makes me so happy.
I am not a morning person and hate waking up early especially in winter.
Im so what reserved and shy when I first meet people. 
I have an irrational love of puppies and almost cry every time I see one that isn't mine.
Food is my best friend and I am the meanest person if I haven't eaten.
I have an addiction to chocolate covered cornflakes 
I can sit at home and watch a whole season of something and then complain about it when its finished 

The Nominees 
Ash Bam -
The Glam Curl -
A Cosmetic Obsession -

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

Until Next time xx

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