Thursday 26 February 2015


Last week I did a February Favourites post and I included the New Benefit Roller Lash Mascara but I also had my reason for disliking it.
Now that I have had a little more time with it I may have pre judged it because I actually love it more than I originally did, it had become my go to mascara over the past week.
I have had an extremely busy week working every single day and while doing my morning make-up routine I have found that each and everyday, I have had three mascaras laying in front of me but I always went out of my way to look for this one and I think it's because it's so easy to remove and makes my make-up removal routine that much easier.

I generally use Estee Lauder Double Wear mascara, Loreal Paris Double extension waterproof mascara or Clinique High Impact mascara and as much as I love all three of these they are not the easiest to remove and I know I said I didn't see any improvements in the length department in my Feb Favourites post, I'm starting to think I was just having an (i'm going to be judgemental day) because over the past week I noticed it made my lashes a lot longer and held the curl through out the day and I didn't need to pre curl them or use a primer.

I think this mascara is pretty good and I will definitely be purchasing it, i've not tried many Benefit products but after trying this and actually giving it a fair amount of time it is worth buying as it makes life so much easier when it comes to make-up removal I have paid a lot more than £19.50 for a mascara so to me that is nothing, especially thinking about how much I generally spend on my face on a monthly basis.

Have you tried Roller Lash yet, what are your thoughts on it? I hope my thoughts have helped if anyone is thinking about getting it.

Until next time xx     

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  1. I was thinking about purchasing it. Everyone seems to really like this one and I always love a good mascara haha!

    X Marjolein

  2. I've heard such brilliant things about this product but the price had thrown me - but now you've put it into perspective about how much we do spend on our products I'll think I'll just go and do it!

    Lauren ♥

    1. Yeah I don't think its that bad and it is a really good mascara, I'm glad I helped you make a decision :) xx