Monday 2 February 2015


Nowadays there are a lot of online shopping companies giving you the ability to buy every and anything without you needing to leave the comfort of your own home or bed for that matter. (Yes I do online shopping in bed its the best place for it) But I haven't found many companies that are as reasonably priced as Tennerstore, from the name i'm pretty certain you can get the gist of what this company is about they sell clothes, shoes, and accessories for £10 and under and yes that is everything which is what amazed me the most.

on my visit to the Tennerstore HQ I was able to browse the website, which I do anyway on a regular basis but I also got to choose a few items for myself so I chose a few pieces that I thought would be good for the new year.

Firstly I chose this mustard little girl jumper because it is still extremely chilly so knitwear is needed and I went for this colour because it went well with my complexion and keeps me away from those dark colours I tent to reach for when it's cold and the little girl just gave it a really cute vintage feel to it that I loved.

I also got this Daisy print dress, which I think will be really nice for the Spring, when it decides to grace us with it's presence. It caught my eye on the website because it's a pretty simple dress but I love the print. Im a pretty black and white person when it comes to fashion so this is right up my street and I have a few black dresses but none of them as pretty as this so I had to get it.
 I got a few other items but I will be talking about them in a later post.

Overall I think Tennerstore is pretty good as they have items you'd see in your typical high street stores but for a fraction of the price so make sure you have a wonder on their website you can also find them on Facebook and Instagram where they do weekly deals.

Until next time xx

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