Sunday 25 January 2015


I don't see the point making new years resolutions because we all know were just going to break them like people saying this year i'm going to get fit and two months in your bigger and unhappier than you were to begin with, but there are a list of things I definitely want to do before this year is out so I thought I'd share them.

I want to travel as much as possible, there are several places I want to go and I feel like 2015 is the year to tick some of those places off my to go list. Firstly I want to revisit South Africa it is such a beautiful place I need to go back. I would LOVE to go to Hawaii as that to is an amazing state and I have been to America a few times but never to Hawaii so that is a must. Los Angeles - San Fransisco - Las Vegas are three states I want to go to preferably together as they are not that far from each other.
lastly is Singapore mostly because I want to visit the Marina Bay Sands Hotel to experience the infinity pool and that breathtaking view but also because it is such a lovely country.

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I suppose I should add to this list learning to swim, that would probably help me especially considering I want to visit country because of their pool.

I love photography and would love to be a Photographer so this year I want to make an effort to go out and take more pictures and get more practice.

I want to blog a lot more and a more frequent in 2015, last year I could of blogged a lot more than I did if I was more organised so this year I have purchased a diary/planner so that I can schedule my days properly so I know which days I have free to take the time out to blog more.

I want to go on a road trip, I don't mind were it would just be fun to get a few people I like being around and drive somewhere, ever since watching the film Crossroads it has made me want to do a road trip so this year would be amazing. It would obviously have to be summer though because sitting in a car in the winter isn't as enjoyable.

I want to become a more experienced make up artist and of course that takes practice so this year I want to be able to say I have a portfolio of work strong enough to get me any job I applied for.

Lastly I want to find my dream job and I'm not actually sure what that is yet but hopefully this year I will know.

These are some of the things I want to do this year. What are your plans and aspirations for this year?

Until next time xx 

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