Wednesday 8 April 2015


Happy Wednesday guys, When it comes to online shopping i'll casually browse and see something that I absolutely love, I'll keep the tab open until it sells out and then i'm left kicking myself wishing I ordered it or it sits there crowding my tab bar until pay day and then I purchase one or two items.

Well that's what this wishlist is, a little glimpse into what my tab bar looks like, I am in love with all these items a few more than others like the Zara dress is amazing and i'll probably go into Zara the next time I see one and pick it up, as well as the River island bow back top, its so cute and now that we are actually experiencing some sun in London this would be a nice addition to my ever so monochrome wardrobe.

The Christian Louboutin Chelsea boots have also been an open tab for a few days now, I was browsing the website with no intention of purchasing, it was more of a girl can dream every so often browse and I came across these babies they are beautiful and I know we are vastly approaching Sandal weather but when you find a pair of Chelsea boots you love regardless of the weather you generally purchase them which is what I would of done if these boots weren't priced at £995.
these will definitely remain a wish but they are really nice to look at.

Until next time xx    

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