Friday 24 October 2014


Taken in Alhambra, Granada

So I figured as I'm a newcomer to the blogging world I should do 10 random facts about me.
  1. My Name is Angelina and for some reason when people hear the name and straight away they think of Angelina Jolie.
  2. My birthday is 20th June
  3. I'm a certified beautician 
  4. I love baking, which goes hand in hand with my love of food
  5. I LOVE food, and if I'm not eating I'm thinking about what I can eat
  6. I have an irrational obsession with lip balm, I hate dry lips and that could be why I'm so obsessed
  7. I'm scared of almost all bugs (spiders, butterflies, moths) the list is endless they give me the creeps
  8. Breakfast if probably my favourite meal of the day, but I hardly ever get to eat it 
  9. I'm not one for horrors, I even put off watching Pretty Little Liars when it first came out because the first two episodes scared the hell out of me.
  10. Giraffes are my all time favourite animal.  
Until next time xx

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