Saturday 29 November 2014


I always get extremely excited about The Lush Christmas Range, more so about the shower gel's than the bath bombs just because I shower a lot more than I bath generally I stick to what I know and just get a large Snow Fairy, so this year I decided I would get a little adventurous and try something new.

The first thing that caught my eye was the So White bath bomb, it was the only neutral coloured item in the collection, when I smelt it I instantly knew I had to have it, it has an apple scent which is really delicate, crisp and refreshing and I cant wait to use it and have my bathroom smelling of this almost edible scent.

 When the associate told me the same scent was also in a shower gel I got so excited I think I was more excited about this than I was about Snow Fairy this year. 
I keep forgetting to use it though so I finally remembered this morning and it is actually amazing I think So White is my new found favourite shower gel from the lush range. It left my skin smelling of the delicious apple scent as well as the bathroom I can't get enough I will be repurchasing before they sell out so i don't run out and regret it.

The next thing I got was the Snow Angel bath melt it smells delicious as well, it reminded me of marzipan or Amaretto it has a yummy almond scent and I'm so tempted to take a bite to see if it tastes as good as it smells. 
Like I said previously I'm more into showers but I feel like when I do bath as its getting colder I may as well go all out and use a bath bomb and a bath melt to make the experience that much nicer. 
I picked up the Snow Angel and instantly it started melting and felt so moisturising and I loved the shimmer it left behind, you can never go wrong with a little shimmer during the festive period.

I couldn't leave without getting my hands on a bottle of Snow Fairy, Its probably one of those items all Lush fans wish wasn't just limited to Christmas. Every time I smell it I have to remind myself it isn't edible, it smells good enough to eat. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to sweeten up their showers a little this Christmas.

Lastly I got the Dirty Springwash which wasn't part of the christmas range.
This shower gel had a spearmint scent to it, which leaves you feeling minty fresh after using it, and I love it because its amazing for when you have a cold and really clears your nose right up and it also really good for headaches.

Lush as a whole has an extremely overpowering scent so thats why I tend to go more for the shower gels, I feel like they are a lot cleaner to handle and as much as I love lush I generally get sidetracked my everything so when I go there I plan to just get shower gels and leave which almost never happens but it doesn't hurt to try.  

What are your favourite Lush products and what will you be treating yourself to this Christmas?

Until next time xx

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  1. I've never actually tried any of the shower gels from the Christmas range I normally just grab all of the bath bombs and bubble bars I can find.

    Katie xx


    1. you should try them this year I love them x

  2. Snow Fairy has got to be my favourite!! I really liked this post:))

    Izzie xx

  3. I am obsessed with lush snow fairy! I've been wanting to try so white for a long time now - it sounds just gorgeous!
    Lovely blog,

    Beth x

    1. thanks, yeah me too snow fairy brings back memories of when I use to eat pear drops. you should definitely get some so white I love it x