Sunday 21 December 2014


The Illamasqua Light Liquid foundation is another one of my favourites, it gives you a lighter coverage than the Rich liquid foundation that I did a review on a little while ago, if you haven't seen that yet you can click here.
Wierdly I buy my foundation in bulk and I order it online, I get 3-4 bottles at a time so I don't run out because I just hate running low. I brought this foundation when Illamasqua was last on sale and I actually got them for £5 a bottle which is what I love about Illamasqua, their products are absolutely amazing but that doesn't stop them going on sale but to be fair I am so addicted to their products I would keep buying it even if they didn't go on sale.

Depending on how you apply this foundation will determine the coverage you get, applied with the fingers gives you that light "no make up" make up look that is always good for those days when you want to keep it natural, if you want a light-medium coverage applying it with a stippling brush allows you to build up to the desired coverage.

This foundation goes on so smoothly and blends in effortlessly and flawlessly, it gives my skin glow and when I have it on I totally forget that I'm wearing any foundation it's so light but I would definitely say it's a satin finish and doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy or tacky.

Like the Rich Liquid Foundation this one also comes with a nozzle opening which I like but I'd probably say my only issues with the packaging is because it's such a fluid foundation having it stood upside down when I do open it the foundation sometimes tends to come out faster than I want it to.
This doesn't happen extremely often but when it does i just put any excess into a tester pot and take it with me for if I need reapplying later.

This foundation was in no way made to cover imperfections but if you want to use it and still need imperfections covered I have found that it can be used with the Rich Liquid Foundation and I don't mean mixing the two, I have tried and it doesn't work the consistencies of the two foundations are not compatible and don't blend well! If you use the Rich Liquid as a concealer on any imperfections and blend out and then apply the Light Liquid anywhere you haven't put the Rich Liquid and use a stippling brush to blend out any edged it gives you a flawless finish topped off with a little of the Illamasqua Loose Translucent Powder and you set for the day.

I could talk about Illamasqua foundations for hours that's how much I love them, they on your face over 8 hours without needing a touchup. This foundation lasts due to you needing the smallest amount so regardless of the price it is a must have.
What's your favourite foundation? as you can probably tell by now mine is Illamasqua

Until next time xx

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  1. I've never tried an Illamasqua foundation before, but they sound amazing!! Very tempted! X

    Angela // The Sunday Chapter

    1. you should defo give them a go they are so much better than other well known brands I have tried x